Monday, August 1, 2011

New Directions Inc. Peyote Stitch Bracelet Class, 8/3/2011

Students should bring the following to class:

1. Sharp Scissors (nail clippers will work in a pinch).

2. Ruler (or Measuring Tape)

3. Spoon (for sorting and putting beads away)

4. Reading Glasses, multiple pairs if you have them.  (Wearing two or more pair at a time act like a magnifying glass... I do this all the time when working with small beads!)

5. Pen or Pencil

6. Highlighter Pen
Optional Extra Supplies for Class:

1. Beading Mat, Cloth Place Mat, or Felt Mat (to keep beads from rolling around) if you have one. Beading mats may be picked up inexpensively at Michael's Crafts or most Beading Stores.

2. Internet Friendly Electronics  (to replay videos if helpful)

3.) Other beading tools for off-loom beading if you own them, including a bead scoop and needle holder as well as thread and other clasp if you like what you have better than what is supplied. A bead scoop would be the most helpful and can be picked up inexpensively at Micheal's crafts if you would like to use that instead of a spoon, but it's not necessary.


Take the string supplied in your kit and tie it around your wrist at a comfortable length. The length bracelet assumed when measuring materials for this kit is 8", but you may want yours shorter, or if you have a large wrist, longer. Please be sure not to make your bracelet too snug or it will not fit correctly. Determine the length of the striped portion by doing the calculation as follows:

Thread your Needle
Make a Stop Bead
Add the rest of the beads for Row's 1 and 2 of your bracelet
Turn your work, weave Row 3

Continue weaving Stripes

How to Change your Thread When You Run Out
Change to Blue Field with NDI Logo, Follow the Graph to completion

Add First Half of clasp to your bracelet

Pick up the thread on the second half of your bracelet and attach clasp in the exact same way.

What To Do If You Find a Mistake Too Late to Unweave Your Work to Repair It

Fire Mountain Gems provides Peyote Stitch Graph Paper if you would like to design your own beaded works of art.

Thank you for participating in this special class presented by Laura Rebecca Silverman, Designer and Owner of ArtiZen Beads.  Most of my work is done through Private Commissions although I also maintain a small Internet Shop on Etsy.   I teach classes, I do in-home and at-the-office parties, and will gladly provide any type of jewelry or other beaded jewelry that you might need.  You can contact me for further information at my business e-mail - or my private e-mail - .

A few samples of my commission works are as follows:

Goose's Necklace: Parent's Love for their Disabled Daughter who's Birthday falls on Valentine's Day is expressed by a very special commission piece.

Maria's Bracelet: Maria saw a bracelet in colors that she loved, and wanted something in a similar color palate as a Graduation Gift after she received her degree in Sociology. She went to College on her own despite daunting odds against her and graduated just this past Spring. I am so proud to have been able to participate in this momentous occasion in my own small way.

Sunshine and Tangerine: A Love Story: A long-time client from San Diego turned friend who is very involved showing Scottish Deerhounds had a dear friend who lost two of her dogs, both litter-mates to her own dog Magic, tragically within months of each other. Her friend always provided collars for her dogs that matched their names, and when she saw Maria's bracelet, she knew that I could make a bracelet that would commemorate the short but memorable lives of her friends pets and show companions in a way that she might remember them with joy.

I am available to design jewelry especially for you, up-cycling your old and obsolete (and possibly broken) jewelry into something new, modern, and heirloom quality, or making items of beauty brand new at values from under $100 to any price point based upon your needs and in a variety of materials. I will work with you to achieve the look you would like or work on my own, guaranteeing you will enjoy what I produce with a money-back (or a re-do of your piece) guarantee. I also am a believer in Karma and am happy to make jewelry for the Silent Auctions of Charitable Events that I support.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any needs that I might be able to help you with.

Thank you for the honor of presenting you with this special class.

Laura Silverman