Mary Ann R
Laura, I just wanted to let you know that the Venetian bead necklace arrived today and I absolutely LOVE it.  It just looks spectacular, and you got it absolutely right--it is so much prettier than it was when I bought it--a masterful "recycling" or whatever you creative people are calling that concept.  I put it in a plastic bag, so I don't have to polish the silver, or at least not soon.  And what a surprise to get the earrings--I love you girl--you always put in a little something extra (well, actually a LOT of something extra--your time, your love, your talent).  I've gone all "pinky" in my old age--lots of pink stuff now (including your bracelet!) so I will be all decked out for breast Cancer Awareness month in October.
Wonderful re-imagining and re-working of these antique beads. I will be so proud to wear this updated version. Thanks for your talent and creativity--I love my new necklace!

 * * *

Laura, Rachel got the bracelet today and she absolutely LOVED it. She said your note made her cry and that you were so sweet to write it. She is absolutely thrilled. I don't know if you mentioned the video in your letter to her--if not I will let her know, but I 'm afraid she would just cry again, because I cried when I saw it. Thanks so much for making the special birthday and commemorative present for her. Mary Ann

* * *

This bracelet is absolutely spectacular. So strong and yet so delicate. Thank you for your amazing work!
* * *
I am absolutely thrilled with my necklace. The workmanship is fantastic, and the piece is absolutely unique. I will be very proud to wear it.

Sue Nelson

“Laura is a most talented and gifted artist. She can look at raw materials and perceive the most wonderful artwork - and she executes her designs beautifully. Laura has made me twelve custom necklaces over the last 2 years. All are things of beauty. Her designs are fantastic and her workmanship is unsurpassed. I truly wish I could buy everything Laura makes!”
Becky K
The earrings are really pretty and I look forward to wearing them! I'm glad I could finally see your work in person!

 Steve Cooperman

“Laura is a creative, talented maker of one-of-a-kind jewlery pieces. She made a bracelet for me that I get compliments on every time I wear it. She can design a piece using her own materials or incorporate heirloom items such as beads into a unique form of wearable art.” 

Bonnie and Dan M
When I took that Precious necklace out of the pretty box, I cried. It was so BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank You Laura for this special, precious treasure, made with so much Love for my Goose. The smile on her face when she saw it was priceless!! We Love it...We Love your work...we Love YOU! (((HUGS))) Bonnie oxoxo 
* * *
Saw this bracelet...loved it...just had to have it!! The appraisal's been done...it's PRICELESS!!! Thank-u Laura, I have the most beautiful wrist in town!! Love, BONNIE ;-)
* * *
Stacey's bracelet arrived!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Laura, it's so pretty!! What A beautiful, special gift you created for my GOOSE. STACEY LOVE'S IT!!! I know now where to come when I want a gift for that someone special........MAKINGIT!! 
* * *
I knew from the first time I saw this necklace, I just had to have it to give to my daughter for her birthday on valentine's day. I received it in just a few days along with a beautiful ty note from Laura. What a beautiful, precious necklace,my daughter will treasure forever. Laura puts a lot of pride & love in her work. I'm having her make a custom bracelet for me also. I can hardly wait to get it, I know how very special and pretty it's going to be! Bonnie Murray, Portland, Or. 
Wendy D 
If there was a 'positive plus' selection I would have picked it!! I love this bracelet!! This piece is so pretty, and I absolutely love the dangle and how it coordinates with the beads and cord! This bracelet is sturdy and lays nice and flat on my wrist. The clasp is very sturdy as well, I feel confident I will never lose this bracelet. Laura is wonderful to work with. She has an eye for color that is impecable and impactful. This is not the first piece of hers I've seen and worn, and the others were just as strongly made, stunningly beautiful, and skillfully designed. I would, and will buy from this artist again!!
 Client X
I just received my necklace today and it is beautifully made I am wearing it as I type this.
 Nancy X
I want to take the time to express my gratitude to Laura for making me this custom inspirational bracelet. It turned out to be more beautiful than what I envisioned. I am wearing it daily as an affirmation to have "Faith in me" to make things happen. I already received several compliments on it. Again, thank you for making this so quickly for me. I feel special knowing it is a one of kind, just like me!! Nancy, FL

Elena Dent

“Laura was given a custom commission; using my materials and a few of her own and asked to 'put something together with these' made some lovely and unusual ornaments. They are well made, surviving hard usage, and I am very pleased with them. The turnaround was quick and the results well worth the money..”

 Steve Cooperman

“Ms. Silverman manufactures artistic, colorful and unique jewelry of intricate wire and bead designs. I've seen her at several craft shows around the San Fernando Valley, and my wife has a few pieces of her jewelry: a few earrings, a necklace (at least one), and (I think) a bracelet. She works mainly with wires, beads and small stones -- I don't think that there were any jewels, per se. She is very friendly and knowledgeable about her work (she does other crafts, too, including loom work -- she spins her own yarn from wool and other materials, and dyes them herself), but jewelry designs seem to be her biggest and showiest passions. Good sense of humor, pretty funny, actually. Sometimes dry and punny. She's developed quite a following, it seems, in this immediate area. Very pleasant to work with, and we plan to follow her crafts through the years.” 

Beth McMullen

“Laura is an excellent jewelry artist! She is highly talented and produces beautiful jewelry. I have the honor of owning several of her pieces and I get many, many compliments on these pieces whenever I wear them! I highly recommend Laura as a jewelry artist for her superb artistic skills and quality of product!” 


Laura S

The craftsmanship of this piece is phenomenal. It is so much more beautiful than the photo suggests. I almost wanted to frame it and hang it on my wall. I received many compliments on this necklace. Customer service was excellent. Transaction was completed in no time. Thank you!